Appzi Docs



Default Renderer

Appzi screenshot renderer relies on all the assets being public or inlined to render the page. If Appzi is used on a private environment (like localhost or non-public domain) it's unlikely that screenshots will render correctly. If the site will eventually go public then you can wait until then or check the alternative renderer.

Alternative Renderer

We also provide an alternative renderer, which may work better in cases where the site assets are not public or when you want to customize the render process.

Enable the alternative renderer

To enable the alternative renderer you have to set the render type to client as in the example below:

window.appziSettings = {
// other options
render: {
type: 'client',

Under the hood we use html2canvas and all the limitations there apply. It's possible to capture canvases (including WEBGL) by using the alternative renderer and stitching them together. Please reach out for details.