Appzi Docs



Default Targeting

When using multiple surveys with the default survey+launcher setup, Appzi will ensure only one is shown, even if two surveys match the same page.

The following criteria will be used to determine which survey to show (by priority descending):

  • Has specific Device Targeting
  • Has specific Page Targeting or Custom JS rules
  • Is Older


Server side tracking

For auto-triggers to synchronize across browser and devices then an userId property has to be set. To set an user id just add a userId property to your appziSettings. The userId must be at most 50 characters in order to work. If the userId is not set then the auto-trigger resolution will take place on the client.

Setting the userId also counts as user being "authenticated" and will match the "User is Logged in" rule.

<!-- .... -->
window.appziSettings = {
userId: 'some-id',

Custom Targeting

You can opt out of Appzi Targeting by using "JS" triggers and using the js api / appzi.openSurvey. See custom trigger for more info.